In a significant development, an Italian company is set to establish a cutting-edge apple nursery spanning 200 bighas of land in Himachal Pradesh. This initiative aims to transform the apple farming landscape in the region by providing apple growers with improved apple varieties and reducing dependency on importing saplings from abroad.

Under this project, the Italian company will deploy state-of-the-art technology to cultivate world-class apple plants. The company has committed to covering all expenses related to setting up the nursery and implementing advanced agricultural practices. This strategic move is expected to result in cost-effective access to high-quality apple saplings for local gardeners, eliminating the need for expensive imports.

Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi expressed enthusiasm about the project, highlighting that the Italian company’s venture will bring about a transformation in apple farming. He emphasized that the company would bear the entire cost of establishing the nursery and implementing cutting-edge technology, with the government playing a supportive role by providing the necessary land.

In a boon for horticulturists, the Himachal Pradesh government plans to distribute saplings of improved apple varieties to local apple growers at affordable rates. With the establishment of the Italian company’s nursery, apple growers can anticipate a seamless supply of top-tier plants, reducing both costs and the hassle associated with international imports.

In a bid to expand the positive impact of this initiative, surplus saplings grown in the nursery will be made available on demand to apple growers in Uttarakhand and Kashmir. This collaborative effort is expected to enhance regional apple cultivation and contribute to the economic prosperity of farmers in these neighbouring states.

To facilitate the establishment of the nursery, the government has directed the Revenue Department to identify a suitable plot of 200 bighas in a single location. Historically, the state has imported apple saplings from various countries, including Italy, leading to challenges such as spoilage during quarantine in Horticulture Department nurseries. The upcoming nursery in Himachal is poised to address these issues by providing an ideal environment for the plants, resulting in a remarkable 100 per cent success rate.