Bahra University

Waknaghat: School of Management Studies of Bahra University has organised a virtual workshop for its faculty on ‘How to identify Fake Predatory and Cloned Journals,’ in Academics.

Resource person, Dr Sumit Narula, Director Amity School of Communication Gwalior, demonstrated the difference between fake, cloned and predatory journals by using internet tools viz Scopus Links, UGC Care List, Digital Object Identifier and identifying cloned websites.

Dr Sumit explained to the management faculties of Bahra University that the fake and cloned journals have no submission deadline of research papers and even promised to print them within 24 hours. “Such journals have no contact detail of editor and editorial board,” Dr Narula further added.

Emphasized on digital identity, Dr Sumit advised using the Google alert internet tool to safeguard its research work.

Alumni of Punjab University, Dr Narula is working on debunking fake news. He is also running a center for the detection of fake news, properties, and content available on the internet.

Dr. Salochna, HOD School of Management Studies, Bahra University, hosted the session. Registrar Vineet Kumar also attended the session.