Shimla: The state Health Department has raised concern that the Covid new wave may affect children below 18 years.

“With the rise in Covid-19 cases amongst this age group, cases of black fungus (Mucormycosis) may also be seen. Keeping this in view Directorate General Health Services Government of India has issued comprehensive guidelines to manage mucormycosis amongst the children,” the health department said in a press statement,

The child can suffer from Rhino-cerebral mucormycosis or Gastro-intestinal mucormycosis, it further comprehended.

Symptoms of Rhino-cerebral mucormycosis

The signs and symptoms of Rhino-cerebral mucormycosis are facial pain, pain over sinuses, periorbital swelling, Conjunctival injection or chemosis, blurring of vision/diplopia, paraesthesia or decreased sensation over half of face, blackish discolouration of skin over nasolabial groove or alaenasi; nasal crusting and nasal discharge which could be blackish, or blood tinged, loosening of teeth, pain in teeth and gums, discoloration (pale) of palate or turbinates insensitive to touch, eschar over palate, worsening of respiratory symptoms, haemoptysis,  chest pain; headache, alteration of consciousness and seizures etc.

Symptoms of Gastro-intestinal mucormycosis

The signs of Symptoms of Gastro-intestinal mucormycosis are symptoms and signs are very non-specific and mimic other gastrointestinal conditions but have a progressively worsening course, unexplained feed intolerance, abdominal distension, Gastro-intestinal bleeding in a child with several risk factors, like shock, vasopressors, broad-spectrum antibiotics etc, persistent elevation of serum lactate in the absence of haemodynamic instability, liver dysfunction or other known cause.

Health department has asked parents to be vigilant for the management of Mucormycosis and advised to bring child to the hospital if any of signs and symptoms noticed.

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