The UPSC CAPF, also known as the Central Armed Police Forces, includes three stages of examination; the candidates have to clear all the three steps: the Written Exam, the Medical and Physical Test, and the Interview / Personality Test. The examination will be conducted in offline mode on 8th August 2021.

All the stages are mandatory to clear to join as an Assistant Commandant with various services like BSF or CRPF or ITBP or SSB. All the aspirants have to appear for the CAPF exams in the offline mode, which consists of two sessions, and the total duration of the examination is 5 hours.

The applicants who clear the Offline Test, must clear the Medical Round and are then called for the final Personality Test (interview). The Interview Panel consists of top-notch personalities and highly qualified professionals. They conduct the interview, and the applicants are selected based on their abilities. Here, in this article the level of the Medical Test will get discussed in-depth along with certain information on the Interview Round to help out aspiring candidates.

UPSC CAPF 2021 Medical Test

The second round of selection for the candidates appearing for the UPSC CAPF 2021 is the Medical examination. Applicants qualifying for the written exam are eligible to appear for the medical examination. All the applicants must secure the minimum cut-off marks which the UPSC releases. Here is a list of criteria the aspirants will have to cater to their medical examination.

CAPF Physical Standards

The applicants should have the minimum ratio as mentioned below to be eligible to appear for the medical exam-

CAPF Medical Standards

The medical standards are set to ensure the applicants can carry out the duties in the training period and in the service period. The applicants must satisfy the following eyesight criteria to get selected in the UPSC CAPF 2021 exam

It is important to note that if any candidate has undergone LASIK surgery correction, they should have the below-mentioned criteria.

  • Age – 18 to 35 years
  • Axial-length – 21 to 26 mm.
  • Corneal-thickness 425 micron
  • Pre-LASIK error – 6 D
  • Post-operative – Should be a stable period refractive flap
  • Interval – 06 months (post-operative period mandatory

Caution: The applicant should have completed 06 months after LASIK surgery before considering the UPSC CAPF 2021 exam.

Carrying Angle

The candidate should not have a carrying angle of more than 15˚ for male applicants and 20˚ for female applicants.

Hearing Power

  • The candidate should not have any degree of deafness or persistent ear discharge.
    • Any other condition (congenital or acquired) such as atresia of the meatus, exostosis, neoplasm, which may obstruct ear passage should not be present in the applicant.
    • The aspirants should not have any history of recurrent earache, tinnitus, and vertigo should not be present.


The applicants must not also have DNS, Atrophic Rhinitis, Tuberculous Ulceration, or Chronic sinusitis.


  • The candidate should not have enlarged Lymph nodes, Thyroid, or other Swellings of the neck.
  • The applicant should not have any inability to extend the neck fully, or any evidence of disease of the spine or cervical vertebrae must not be present.


The applicant must have the efficient chewing ability, which should possess a sufficient number of good teeth for the candidate should not have severe pyorrhoea.

Venereal Disease

Active signs of clinical VD will not get accepted.

Chronic Skin Diseases

The candidate should not have chronic skin diseases like Leprosy, Chronic Dermatitis, extensive Pityriasis Versicolor, Psoriasis, and SLE.

Tattoo Clause

Content: Tattoos depicting religious symbols or figures or names, as followed in the Indian Army, are permitted.

Location: Tattoos marked on the inner part of the left forearm or non-saluting limb or dorsum of the hands are allowed.

Size: The size of the tattoo must be less than ¼ of the particular part (Elbow or Hand) of the body.

Male Average Body Weight for UPSC CAPF 2021 in Kilograms for Different Age Group and Height

  Heights in CentimetresAge in Years

 Female Average Body Weights (in KG) for Different Age Groups and Heights

  Heights in CentimetresAge in Years

 General Standards

  • No stammering while speaking.
  • No indication of chronic diseases like TB, any Arthritis, High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Bronchial Asthma, and Heart Disease.
  • No perceptible and visible glandular swelling anywhere in the body.
  • The chest should be well-formed, devoid of any abnormality like Flat Chest, Pigeon Chest, with Rickety Rosary defects.
  • Heart and lungs should be sound.
  • Limbs, hands, and feet should be well-formed and fully developed.
  • The perfect motion of all joints should be seen.
  • Should not have any old/malunited fracture of bones.
  • Should not have congenital malformation or defects.
  • Should not bear traces of previous acute or chronic disease pointing to an impaired constitution.
  • Should have no disease of the genitourinary tract.
  • No inguinal, scrotal swelling, or any Hernia.
  • Both the testicles are in the scrotum and of normal size.
  • No knock knees, flat foot, varicose veins.
  • Good mental and bodily health.
  • Should not suffer from TACHYCARDIA (more than 100 pulse rate per minute) or BRADYCARDIA (Less than 50 per minute).
  • Should not suffer from Hernia, hemorrhoids, condylomas prolapse rectum.

Please Note: In case any female candidate is pregnant they will be disqualified on those grounds. Any special request by the applicants must be made to the Appellate Authority, designated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, although this must be done 15 days before the commencement of the examination. 

UPSC CAPF 2021 Interview Round

The third and final round for candidates is the Personality Test round. The final stage of the UPSC CAPF 2021 exam will carry 150 marks.

  1. An important point the candidates must know is those who are declared medically unfit may still be allowed to appear for the interview round but only upon their special request to Appellate Authority.
  2. All the candidates should download the e-summon letter which is on the official website for those who are shortlisted for the interview.
  3. The candidates will have to enter the seven-digit roll number and the captcha code in order to download the letter from the official website.
  4. The interview round will have a panel of 4 people where one is a chairperson and the others are highly educated professors / experts with great experience.
  5. In the beginning, there is a session of introduction for the candidates to build their confidence. Then, the applicants are asked questions based on the answers filled in the Application Form. Later, the candidates are also asked questions on current affairs at both national and regional levels.
  6. One has to be through with all the Current Affair topics and must sound confident while interacting with the Interviewers.

The UPSC CAPF Medical Test is all about maintaining good health conditions adhering to the above criteria. Regular exercise, healthy lifestyle and optimum diet can help one stay fit and healthy. This will help students to qualify the UPSC CAPF Medical and Physical Test successfully. For the Interview, one has to be presentable and confident while answering the questions. The above information must have enlightened prospective students on the same. Stay tuned to our writeups for more information on such topics.