Bahra University

Nauni/Solan: Premier Horticulture University get state-of-the-art Soil and Leaf Analysis laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, CHNS Analyzer, Microwave digestion system, UV-VIS Spectrophotometers.

University Vice-Chancellor Dr Parvinder Kaushal on Monday dedicated the laboratory.

The Soil and Leaf Analysis laboratory was established with the financial assistance of Rs 4.55 crore (over seven years) from the World Bank-funded HP-Horticulture Development Project. Dr, Kaushal apprised

“Lab is well equipped to analyze the different soil properties including different macro and micronutrients and as per the analysis values, the recommendations are also given to the farmers.”

The samples received from different HP-HDP clusters of the state are being analyzed in the laboratory and ad-hoc recommendations for High-Density Planting on clonal rootstocks are given, he further added.