Just ahead of Shimla, there’s a beautiful place called Kufri – nestling in the scenic Himalayan ranges. To reach Kufri, you need to take a small drive of around 18 km from Shimla. But this drive is worth your time as this small village in the outskirts of Shimla is a treasure trove of natural beauty and outdoor activities. If you want to spend some quality time in forested and mountainous location, Kufri is a perfect destination. Moreover, Kufri receives abundant snowfall between December and March every year. 

Some popular places that are worth visiting in and around Kufri are:

1. Chini Bangla (Indira Tourist Park)

Chini Bungalow (also known as Chini Bangla) is half a kilometre ahead of Kufri on Chaail road. A beautiful café, operated by Himachal Tourism, right in the middle of deodar forests is the centre of attraction. This place has a great historic significance as Pakistan’s former President Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and India’s former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi stayed here for signing the Shimla Agreement in 1972. This agreement was signed for the Independence of Bangladesh.

Nowadays, this historic place serves as the ideal venue for relaxing, sightseeing, delicious food, and unwinding with family and friends.

2. Himalayan Nature Park

Another major tourist attraction in Kufri is Himalayan Nature Park that was established in 1984. Spread across an area of around 750-square-kilometer, the nature park is the home to almost 180 species of recherché mammals and birds.

Some notable animals and birds in the park are monal, musk deer, leopard, sambhar, ghoral, Tibetan wolf, black bear, white crested kalij, Cheer pheasant, and bharal.

3. Potato Research Centre

While potato is a household name in India, it comes to this significant land around 400 years ago during Mughal dynasty. After introduction from Europe in the early 17th century, it has remained as an insignificant crop till independence. But the Government of India formed the ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute in 1949 for producing this promising crop for food security. You can visit this historic research centre to know more about the history of potatoes in this historic institution. The potatoes fields grown on the slopes of Kufri heights look beautiful.

4. Hassan Valley

Satisfy your wanderlust with the panoramic beauty of Hassan Valley, or Green Valley. This place is laced with elegant pine and deodar trees. The forest in Green valley is home to various wild animals, including leopard, deer, bear, etc. Since the valley is blanketed with dense forest, it’s rightfully called the Green valley.

Photo: himachal.nic

Tourists can take a halt at Green Valley to enjoy the beauty of mountainous surroundings. You can see food stalls by the roadside as you drive further on the Kufri road. You can try street food here while enjoying the beauty of nature.

5. Ice skating rink at Wildflower Hall

Wildflower Hall is a 5-star Oberoi resort in Charabra, Kufri. Situated in the middle of lush green forests, this resort houses an ice skating rink that’s operational for around six months. So, it’s perfect for guests to enjoy this adventure activity with family and friends.

Each session of ice skating is commenced with safety briefing by a trained instructor who further supervises the whole session. Ice skating boots, knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets are provides at the rink itself.

6. Cycling route in Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

The water catchment wildlife sanctuary in Shimla has a very long history of water conservation. Plus, it’s considered to be one of the densest forests in India. This forest has been conserved for over 135 years.

Apart from providing abundant water supply to Shimla town, this wildlife sanctuary is known for its immense conservation value. A narrow trail for cycling trip within the wildlife sanctuary takes you from one end of the sanctuary to the other end while enjoying breath-taking vistas. If you love to cycle, you can embark on a cycling tour while catching glimpse of wild animals and birds.

7. Priyanka Gandhi’s Bungalow

The two-story bungalow of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is built here on a wide nine acre plot. Overlooking a picturesque valley of Shimla, this bungalow has become one of the spotlights in this region for tourists.

Photo: Outlook

While you’re not allowed to enter the premises of this bungalow, you can clearly witness its glory from the helipad in Chharabra, near Kufri.

8. The Retreat (Rashtrapati Bhavan)

Situated in Chharabra, Kufri, this is the official retreat residence of the President of India. The President stays here for around two weeks during summer season, as well as conducts official business.

This property is located around 13 km downtown Shimla and the altitude of this place is 8,200 ft. From here, you can see the lush green valley around the region.

9. Chharabra Helipad

Chharabra, a small village located on 8250 feet above sea level, is around 13 km from main Shimla town. It is located on National Highway 22 and is popular for the Retreat – the summer residence of President of India. There is also a wide spread helipad for receiving the helicopter of President of India or other ministers, who visit Shimla via a chopper.

Anyone can visit helipad to witness the most beautiful sunsets of Shimla. Locals can be seen playing cricket or enjoying picnic here with their families and friends. This spot is surrounded by a thick forest cover and overlooks the green valley.

10. Snow trail

A trekking trail starts at Kufri is around 4 km, skirting the popular Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary. It is one of the most amazing treks to rejuvenate and unwind in the lap of nature.

It’s best to explore this place with your family and friends. Deeper you walk into the jungle, lesser you wish to return to the hotel, until cold winds start hitting you.

11. Kufri-Fagu Snowline

Just 6 km ahead of Kufri is a place called Fagu – another beautiful picnic spot for summers. However, you can visit this small place in winter during snowfall. Aside from the snow, you can go for a short trekking trip to this place while walking across the snowline from Kufri to Fagu.

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