Cumulative tests cross 16 Crore, Active caseload fall to 3.09%

Shimla: COVID-19 cases nationwide have crossed 1 Crore mark today and 145,178 patients have died from the virus so far.

India has recorded 1,00.05,850 total Covid cases, of which 95,50,677 have recovered and 3,07,361 are active cases nationwide.

State of Maharashtra is worse affected from the virus as state has tested 18,88,767 total positive cases. 48,574 Covid patients have lost their lives. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Delhi are other badly affected states from the virus.

India has recorded second highest COVID-19 cases in the world. However, its recovery rate is also satisfactory as India’s active caseload has fallen to 3.09% of the total active cases.

India has reported more daily recoveries than the daily new cases during the past 24 hours. The trend of more daily recoveries than the daily cases has led to a continuous contraction of India’s Active Caseload which presently stands at 3,08,751 today.

The declining active cases have ensured that the active cases per million population in India (223) are amongst the lowest in the world.

India has achieved another landmark milestone in its fight against the global pandemic. The cumulative testing has crossed 16 Cr. India’s daily testing capacity has been boosted to 15 lakh.