BJP lied about National Highways

Shimla: Shimla Rural legislature Vikramaditya Singh blamed BJP led state government for ignoring elected representatives.

Singh, while addressing press here today, blamed Jai Ram Thakur led state Govt for ignoring the demand of elected representatives of the state on the behest of the leaders who had lost the election. He claimed that even many elected BJP leaders are also being ignored. He said that latest outburst of BJP’s Kangra leader and Jawalamujhi legislature Ramesh Dhwala is proof of it.

Vikramaditya Singh also blamed BJP for ignoring the Kangra district. He said that the Congress had contributed a lot in the development of the Kangra district, and BJP has only played politics on the name of Kangra.

He also racked up the issue of proposed 69 National Highways and accused the BJP for misleading the people of the state over it. He stated that the BJP had fought the 2017 Assembly election on the name 69 National Highways, but recent statement of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, in which he had clarified that highways haven’t got in principal approval given from the Prime Minister office.

Earlier, state Congress leaders have flayed BJP for politicking the National Highway issues and used it to defame the Congress. Former Minister GS Bali, in a statement, asked BJP for clarify about the Highways. Bali reminded the BJP leaders for blaming the previous Virbhadra Singh led state Govt for delay of imaginary highways, but truth is that files for highways were stuck with the PMO. Bali threatened to hit the road if work of on the highways was not started soon.

Another Kangra leader and former Cabinet Minister and AICC secretary Sudhir Sharma accused the BJP for biased towards the Kangra district. Sharma also blamed present state government for shifting world bank funded projects out of Kangra district.

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