Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Governor Bandaru Dattatraya stressed on setting up ‘Umbrella Body’ in the state for education, skill, technical knowledge and innovation so that better results could be achieved in close coordination of all line departments. 

The Governor, in a high-level meeting at Raj Bhawan, today for education and skill development, pointed out at the lack of mutual coordination among all departments working in skills. He said the professional courses being promoted in the state were in demand out of the state. Expressing concern, he said,

“Children do not go out of the state after doing these courses and their knowledge cannot be also utilised in the state. Besides that, the established industrial houses in the state cannot find the kind of manpower and business skills they required, which means we are not able to give such training to our children.”

He said that such a framework could be drawn by mutual coordination which would not only reduce the skill development gap but also would help in solving the problem of rising unemployment to a great extent. He said that this would also help the government in making policy decisions and helpful in providing more funds from the central government to the state for this task. He stressed the need to create an integrated strategy for it, for which everyone’s views, cooperation, experience and contribution was necessary.

The Governor said that our education should be employment-oriented and one gets employment that has skills. He said that by creating an infrastructure problem could not be solved, but we have to go to its basic level. He said

“New education the policy is an effective step in this direction. It envisages a new India with six important points which include value education, employment education, competitive education, innovation, feasibility and mobility.”

Suresh Bhardwaj, Education Minister said the state government was now paying special attention to qualitative education. He said that by adding knowledge, skills and employment, now education was being given a new direction, for which efforts were being made to make an integrated system. He added that employment potential could be increased by co-ordinating education with skills and for this, several steps have been taken at the departmental level.

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