Bahra University

Himachal Pradesh Congress has demanded to withdrawal of proposal to shift ARTRAC from Shimla. Congress president Kuldeep Singh Rathore, along with other leaders, met state Governor Acharya Devrat today and handed over a memorandum against shifting of ARTRAC from Shimla to Meerut.

Rathore stated that people of Himachal Pradesh has emotional attachment with the institute and shifting it to other place will require creation of new infrastructure and mobalisation cost which will effect employment in Shimla and will be unnecessary burden on national exchequer .

Rathore also expressed concern on issue of scab disease on apples fruit and pleaded the Governor to direct state Government to provide quality pesticides to apple growers to deal with the disease. The Governor agreed with the concern of Congress Leaders on issue of scab and asked for support to propagate organic farming in the state.

Governor also expressed concern on the issue of increasing drug abuse by the youth of state and asked for support from all Political Parties on the issue. Congress assured the Governor of solidarity on social issues with the Government.