Shimla: Following HRTC bus accident today morning in Shimla town, the state government has decided punish unauthorized parking. The Chief Minister, in a meeting regarding road safety, stated that parking will be allowed on one side of the road with yellow line only.

The Chief Minister said that sign boards regarding ‘Authorized Parking Zone’ as well as ‘No Parking Zone’ would be erected in the town.

To ensure proper parking place in the town, the work on three big parking slots in the town would be expedited whereas district administration and Municipal Corporation, Shimla would identify locations particularly in residential areas where small parking could be developed.

Jai Ram Thakur directed the district administration and Municipal Corporation to identify parking areas with yellow line alongside the roads and sites where small parking slots could be developed by 10th July, this year. He said that the state government would also explore various aspects to allow private parking by individuals within the setbacks so that ample parking space could be developed.

He said that all the government offices should ensure that they have their own parking with sufficient space so that their vehicles could be accommodated thereby avoiding decongestion of main roads. He said that parking within radius of 50 meters would not be allowed in such places where school children embark and disembark their school buses.

It was informed in the meeting that over 1,65,000 vehicles are plying daily in the Shimla town. Therefore it is the need of the hour that alternative roads are constructed for the convenience of the people.

The Chief Minister said that condition of transport vehicles would be ensured properly and laxity in this regard would not be tolerated at any cost. All the school buses would be regularly monitored and school management would be sensitized about the safety guidelines which was the ultimate objective of the government for the safety the commuters.

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