Shimla: Snowfall bringing cheers among farmers, fruit growers, travelers and associated industries, but severe cold condition causing suffering for stray cattle. Valley covered with snow looks beautiful and fancy, but cold make difficult for living thing to spend even a night in open, where temperature drops to minus degree Celsius and becoming an open graveyard for stray cattle.

Theog Legislature Rakesh Singha has raised an issue of stray cattle with Forest Minister Govind Thakur and, in his letter, asked him to take immediate action to save these abandoned animals.

Rakesh Singha wrote that a large number of stray cattle have seen around Narkanda and along the National Highway and on various link roads. Singha wrote that stray animals are even lying dead along the road side from the stretch between Narkanda to Kingal where some young people have buried them.

Theog legislature advised forest minister to use vacant monkey sterilization center near Luhri as a temporary shelter for stray cattle, which can house approximately 80 to 100 animals.

Legislature has requested the minister to immediately raised issue with Chief Minister and also issue immediate directions in this regard. “A decision taken Ten days later will be of no use,” Rakesh Singh further told to the minister.

“As a public representative, I have a suggestion and opinion which I am confident your government will take seriously to address this grave and painful problem on priority and at the earliest by bypassing all bureaucratic hurdles.” Singha hoped.

In this regard Rakesh Singh has already met Deputy Commissioner Shimla.

Most of stray cattle are abandoned and despite huge claims and promises of Cow protection, the government and administration has failed to build sufficient shelters for winter and rainy seasons.

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