Chhutki, the neighbourhood street dog, has been sitting since morning at the same spot where Lohri was celebrated in the night. Even after the bonfire is gone, the place remains warm for several hours afterwards. In winter and during the rain, most building owners and the residential societies don’t leave any covered area open for stray dogs to sit or keep themselves warm. Demons (rakshas) have been there at every age. They used to exist in the period of Rama, Krishna, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, and they exist even today. Demons may be found in your neighbourhood, town, city, kinship, everywhere. It is generally believed that demons are illiterate, uncivilized and stupid, but seeing the videos and photos on social media, it is proved that demons can be well-educated and knowledgeable too. They may be IAS officers, retired military officers, professors, traders, senior citizens and all kinds of educated people. These can be both women and men. A female IAS officer from a district in western UP brutally threw a female dog along with her innocent pups out of her bungalow in the harsh winter. Bhopal Municipal Corporation ruthlessly threw sterilised innocent dogs in the forest. An ASI of Delhi Police almost killed a dog with a stick. I have no word to describe these people.

Demons have no mercy. These demons may one day kill their family members, or do not hesitate to commit crimes outside. Keep an eye on the demons. Stop them, warn them, and if needed take action. Let us take a pledge that “we will not allow cruelty on the helpless, innocent and homeless animals”.

Humans’ population are increasing. They have occupied forests, rivers, grasslands, meaning every place on the earth, destroying the habitats of the animals created by God. The human species has ruined nature in the name of development. The basic difference between animals and humans is that humans know how to use their brains, learn new things, and create new things. Demons simply don’t know the law of karma. Fortunate are those who understand the power of karma. Every karma (good or bad) have its result, in this life and even after death.

Heaven and hell are here only, not beyond the clouds. To explain this, Lord Krishna incarnated. Karma never fails means you get reward or punishment according to your actions. No one can escape from the punishment of karma, whether it is a politician, a police officer, or a VVIP. Everyone is responsible for their actions.

Dogs are said to be human’s best friends. Centuries ago, humans domesticated dogs and used to take them along on hunting. The main job of a dog is to provide security, which they do today also. It is another matter that in modern times even their free services are not required. In that sense, dogs are jobless. It is not in their control to limit their population. Sterilisation is the only solution, towards which no governments pay any attention. Society itself has to take the initiative. Children should be taught to be kind and compassionate towards stray dogs. We have to create a favourable environment for the animals around us. They need protection and kindness. Be the voice for the voiceless.

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