There is hardly any constituency in Himachal Pradesh assembly elections wherein the political scene is as melodramatic as is Shimla Urban. This political hot seat is facing the fiercest political battle as four prominent faces who are on their toes these days to make sure they make it to the HP Vidhan Sabha.

In a pursuit to HP Vidhan Sabha, six candidates have put their fate on stake from the Shimla Urban constituency: Suresh Bhardwaj (BJP), Harbhajan Singh Bhajji (Congress), Sanjay Chauhan (CPI M), Dr Kishori Lal Sharma (Swabhiman Party), Virender Kumar (Ind) and Harish Janartha, a congress rebel and an independent candidate.

Even when the major fight remains between BJP and Congress, two candidates who can take a considerable chunk of vote are CPM’s Sanjay Chauhan and Independent Harish Janartha.

As already stated in the beginners that the major fight remains between BJP and Congress, it is expected that either of the two candidates will retain this most coveted seat. However, by keeping certain things in mind, we can even get closer to, though not accurate, the result as to who can bag Shimla Urban seat.

Currently, Suresh Bhardwaj is the sitting MLA, also represented the constituency in 2007 and will be aiming to create a history by taking the third term. Both BJP and Congress candidates are trying to woo and connect with the older citizens. Harbhajan Singh Bhajji has been aggressively campaigning to let not go the chance from his hand this time. This is evident from scores of big hoardings he has placed in Sanjauli and almost all the key locations in the city.

While Suresh is fighting elections with a slogan ‘Shimla ki Awaj, Suresh Bhardwaj’ and promising Shimla free from parking, water, sewage and garbage problems, things doesn’t seem easy for him. He doesn’t have a very solid ground to vouch for the third term. Particularly, with the rising distrust and dissatisfaction among the major sections of the society after demonetization and GST, turning things in his favor will surely demand something extraordinary from him and Suresh just can’t bank on Modi wave alone. BJP candidate is also struggling hard with the anti-incumbency factor.

While Harish Janartha’s hoardings are placed right next to Bhajji’s, he is competing with all the three major contestants and countering them on the fronts of congestion problem, parking woes and lack of parks in the city. He is lashing out Sanjay and Suresh for lackluster approach, inability to take the right measures and creating all the mess that Shimla is facing today. Harish lacks a wide political sphere, Sanjay being entangled in his doings as Mayor and Suresh being on back foot for reasons already discussed, political wind might favor the oldest among all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.