In Himachal Elections 2017, Shimla Urban is one of the most coveted assembly seats that can decide the fate of any political party, at least the ruling one this time. Accordingly, the political battle isn’t going to be easy or smooth for that matter. Some of the most known and competitive faces are in the fray and finding out ways to steer the party to victory. Who will win the race to HP Vidhan Sabha from here remains to be seen, but let’s just talk about the fiercest triangular political battle in the current Himachal Elections.

Candidates who are in the fray to win Shimla Urban seat in Himachal Elections 2017 are some of the most prominent, popular and known faces. The names include Suresh Bhardwaj (a veteran BJP leader), Harbhajan Singh Bhajji (a congress leader), Sanjay Chauhan (former Shimla Mayor) and Harish Janartha, a congress rebel who is in the fray as an independent candidate.

Even when the battle for supremacy remains between the Congress and BJP primarily, Harish Janartha, an Independent candidate who is the stern follower, loyalists and confident of Virbhadra Singh, will affect the political equation considerably. It is difficult to say which ways the wind will blow but Harish fighting elections independently will impact the Congress vote bank primarily, which might go in favor of Suresh Bhardwaj.

No other candidate, with the exception of Sanjay Chauhan, the ex-mayor, will have any clout whatsoever. CPM, after failing to retain Shimla MC, will also have tough task to woo electorates in Sanjay Chauhan’s favour.

BJP is primarily fighting elections on three things: corruption in the Congress government, Kotkhai rape and murder case and, of course, on Modi wave. Kotkhai rape and murder case is something Congress would like to forget as the worse event with elections round the corner. The negative impact that botched up investigation has left and people coming on the road for protest will surely dent the Congress vote bank.

The going ahead isn’t that easy for BJP either. The demonetization and GST has wreak havoc on the small traders and shopkeeper who are annoyed with the party. The party claims and expects that wind of change will sweep the hill state clean in a similar way it did in the municipal elections earlier this year. However, anti-incumbency against sitting legislatures also can’t be ruled out and making this contest even more interesting. The bad perception against Congress and agitation against BJP might lead Shimla Urban seat and is to decide the fate of ruling party to a great extent, falling in Harish’s kitty. I mean, who knows?

However, the political party and a candidate in particular who will promise and show the right approach to deal with the current problems that this fabled ‘Queen of Hills’ is face to face with is expected to get the favor of electorate. The major issues that capital of the state, Shimla, is currently facing include garbage disposal, inadequate water supply, parking slots and increasing congestion on the road. But the big question is who?

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.