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Shimla: As many as 5025941 electors will exercise their right of franchise in H.P. Vidhan Sabha General Elections for 68 Assembly Constituencies of the State on 9th November, 2017, which includes 49,88,367 general electors and 37,574 service voters.

Chief Electoral Officer Pushpendra Rajput said out of total 5025941 electors, 2568761 male electors, 2457166 female, 14 third gender electors, 37440 male service electors and 134 are female service electors.

Rajput said District Chamba has total 3, 53,500 electors including 3,51,966 general and 1534 service electors, while District Kangra has total 11,95,100 electors out of which 11,83,258 are general electors and 11,842 Service Electors. District Lahaul-Spiti has total 23,231 electors out of which 22,995 are general Electors and 236 Service Electors.

Similarly, district Kullu has total 2,91,971 electors which includes 2,91,442 general electors and 529 service electors. In district Mandi there are total 763001 electors out of which 7,56,046 are general and 6955 are service electors. District Hamirpur has total 380633 electors out of which 3,75,439 are general and 5194 are service electors. District Una has 394923 electors, which includes 3,91,338 general Electors and 3585 service electors.

District Bilaspur has total 2,98,822 electors out of which 296541 are general and 2281 service Electors. District Solan has total 375765 electors out of which 3,73,959 are general and 1806 service electors. Similarly, in district Sirmour there are 350938 electors out of which 349040 are general while 1898 are service electors. District Shimla has 5,42,667 electors which includes 5,41,325 general and 1342 service electors, while district Kinnaur has total 55,390 electors out of which 55,018 are general and 372 are service Electors.

3-Chamba Assembly Constituency has highest 75,289 electors in Chamba District which includes 75,126 general electors and 163 Service electors. In Kangra district, 14-Sullah Assembly Constituency has highest 96145 electors, which includes 95064 general electors and 1081 Service electors. 23-Kullu Assembly Constituency has highest 81653 electors in Kullu District. It includes 81462 general electors and 191 Service electors. 31-Jogindernagar Assembly Constituency has highest 90750 electors in Mandi District. It includes 89506 general electors and 1244 Service electors.

40-Nadaun Assembly Constituency in Hamirpur district has highest 86,279 electors, which includes 85,432 general electors and 847 Service electors. 43-Haroli Assembly Constituency has highest 81,198 electors in Una Distric, it includes 80,468 general electors and 730 Service electors. 47-Ghumarwin Assembly Constituency has highest 81,460 electors in Bilaspur District. It includes 80,765 general electors and 695 Service electors.

50-Arki Assembly Constituency in Solan district has highest 84,987 electors which includes 84,560 general electors and 427 Service electors. In Sirmour district, 58-Paonta Sahib Assembly Constituency has highest 75,310 electors, it includes 74,938 general electors and 372 Service electors. 61-Theog Assembly Constituency has highest 78,540 electors in Shimla District, which includes 78,267 general electors and 273 Service electors. 14-Sullah Assembly Constituency has highest 96,145 electors and 21-Lahaul & Spiti has lowest 23231 electors in the State.

Chief Electoral Officer Pushpendra Rajput claimed of making elaborate arrangements for conducting peaceful, free and fair elections in the state.

Facts at A Glance- Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections -2017

(Date of Poll 09.11.2017 )