Solan: Four members of a family had a miraculous escape when a big boulder fell on their car and damaged it badly here today.

The mishap occurred around 3:30 PM when the ill-fated car was on its way towards Parwanoo. Construction workers of the highway present at the site rescued the family and taken to Hospital at Parwanoo.

It’s being reported that the family, including a couple and their two children, is hailing from Una.

The vehicle was badly deranged (evident in the picture) and safely rescue of the victims is no less than a miracle.

The excavation work for the four-laning of Parwanoo-Solan section of the National Highway – 5 is being carried out and due to the sporadic rainfall since last night resulting in loosening of strata. The landslide had also blocked the National Highway, which was later opened for the traffic. It also resulted in huge traffic jam on the busy road – connecting Shimla with the Chandigarh.

Earlier as well landslide had blocked the national highway many times in previous year only and even crushed a vehicle in which a Nangal resident was killed and three others injured when their vehicle was hit by boulders near the Barog bypass.

Authority were even ordered to ensure safety of the commuters, but such incidents clearly depicting laxity in implementing the orders that is putting the life of commuters in danger.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.