Solan – A sudden cloudburst in Gambharpul on the Kunihar-Nalagarh road on Monday caused significant disruption, as heavy rains brought large amounts of silt and debris down from the hills, impacting vehicles and structures in the area.

The cloudburst triggered a massive flow of water, silt, and soil from the Jyavla village hill, leading to severe debris accumulation on the streets and roadside of Gambharpul. Fortunately, the local dhaba, which was directly in the path of the debris, was unoccupied at the time, preventing potential injuries or fatalities.

Villagers described the intensity of the water and silt flow as overwhelming, resembling the aftermath of a cloudburst. The unexpected surge of water also instilled fear among the residents, recalling the previous year’s landslides and the resultant loss of life and property during the monsoon season.

Local Panchayat Pradhan said that the sudden influx of water and debris endangered several houses, with household items being washed away. The debris also reached the Gambhar bridge, damaging parked vehicles.

Despite the severe conditions, there have been no reports of casualties or major property damage. Upon receiving the news, Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Arki visited the site to oversee the removal of large rocks and debris from the roads. Efforts to clear the area are currently underway.

Local MLA Sanjay Awasthi assured financial assistance to the affected family. “The administration team has been dispatched to assess the damage caused by the heavy rains,” Awasthi stated. “Orders have been given to compensate for the loss, and the state government has assured all possible support for the affected people.”