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Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat said that basic Indian values could play a vital role in tackling the challenges of terror, conflict and violence world as these values teaches path of non-violence, truth, mutual harmony and humanity.

Acharya Devvrat, in his address at the 26th annual conference of the Panchnad Research Centre at Chandigarh, said the tenacity of the Indian value system, which had its fountainhead in the Vedas, was testified with the fact that it still persisted to prevail throbbing in our society.

He said in order to convey a universal message for humanity the dharma in true Vedic traditions laid down clearly that “do unto others, what you would expect others to do to you”. This, he said, formed the core of the value system propounded by our ancient Rishis and sages.

The Governor recalled the argumentative tradition of the Vedic times when thought would grow and prosper. It was because of this questioning nature of our sages that allowed divergent views to prevail simultaneously at a time without causing conflict. Patanjali and Charvak existed hand in hand, though both looked divergent directions.