Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh Government has sent Drugs and Cosmetics (Himachal Pradesh Amendment) Bill, 2016, which makes offence non-bailable, for the consent of the President of India.

Committed to curb the menace of drugs being misused as intoxicants, Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, in its last session, had passed State Amendments to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 through the Drugs and Cosmetics (Himachal Pradesh Amendment) Bill, 2016 making it more stringent. It has been sent for the consent of the President of India.

Chief Secretary VC Pharka, today said that by virtue of the passing this Bill by the state assembly, every offence relating to clause (C) of section 18 and punishable under sub-clause (II) of clause (b) of section 27 shall be cognizable and non-bailable. The amendment further provides provisions for sealing any premises, where in any drug or cosmetic is being manufactured or sold or stocked or exhibited or offered for sale or distributed in contravention of the provisions of Section 18 of the Act.

He said that three posts of Assistant Drug Controller and 22 posts of Drug Inspectors have been sanctioned by the Cabinet recently, doubled the enforcement and regulatory process of the Directorate of Drugs Controller.

Pharka further said that a special drive against the menace of drugs was being launched in the State for the last one year. He said that Drug Inspectors were directed to vigilantly check all the sales and manufacturing premises particularly in the bordering areas of the State engaged in sales or manufacturing of drugs being misused as intoxicants. In the series of inspections (sales) 385 inspections were conducted in only 7 months whereas 232 inspections of sales premises were conducted during the financial year 2015-16. In 91 cases, the drugs were seized in last seven months and during last financial year only in 33 cases the drugs were seized, he added.