Shimla: Mocking the haste of the state BJP leaders for early assembly elections, senior Congress leaders Vidya Stokes and Kaul Singh Thakur claimed the State BJP leaders were trying to destabilize the Congress Government in Himachal Pradesh ever since the formation of BJP led Union Government.

Congress leaders, in their joint press statement, claimed that BJP’s evil designs are not going to succeed and the present Government under the leadership of Virbhadra Singh was not only going to complete its present tenure, but would also win the next assembly elections.

They lambasted the BJP leader for making wild accusation that Ministers were collecting money to foot the bill of lawyers engaged in contesting the case of the Chief Minister and said that the level of BJP leaders has crossed all limits. They said that the BJP leaders were indulging in dirty politics of mudslinging and malicious propaganda.

The Ministers believed the BJP was baffled by the all-round development and progress of the State under the present Government and they were left with no issue at all. They said that there was infighting and tussle for one up-man-ship going on within the State BJP and its leaders have been openly criticizing each other. The BJP Conclave was a desperate attempt to bring the infighting BJP leaders together and project a united face, which failed all together. The BJP conclave was a big failure and many of its senior leaders did not turn up.

On the other side, BJP spokesperson Rajeev Bindal has contradicted the statement Congress leaders and claimed that it’s not BJP, but its ministers, who are weakening the Congress led state government.

Bindal, in his press statement, blamed Congress ministers for failing to manage their ministries. Rajeev Bindal blamed that Congress leaders were passing the buck and blaming BJP for destabilizing government only to hide its failure. He stated that if there is any instability in the government it’s only because of the desire of Congress leaders of becoming Chief Minister.

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