Shimla: Lambasting the BJP leaders for the malicious campaign unleashed by them against Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, Industries Minister Mukesh Agnihotri today asserted that their sinister designs to destabilize the Congress government would not succeed and it would complete its full term under the leadership of Virbhadra Singh.

In a statement here today, Agnihotri said that the BJP, particularly the former chief minister Shri P.K. Dhumal and his sons, had been trying to target Virbhadra Singh by leveling false ,frivolous and politically motivated charges against him ever since the Congress came to power about a year ago. The Dhumals had used every trick in the book to malign Virbhadra Singh and resorted to cheap tactics but their efforts would fall flat as he was a leader of repute and a man of unimpeachable integrity.

Minister said that the Congress led the state government was solid like a rock and not only the legislative party but even the five Independents MLA’s were behind Virbhadra Singh . The BJP and Dhumals saw Virbhadra Singh as the biggest threat in the political arena and they have been working overtime to destabilise the government as they feared that the inquiries initiated into the congress chargesheet would expose their misdeeds, particularly, the cases of corruption involving HPCA, he commented.

It is not for the first time that the BJP leaders were leveling allegations of corruption against Virbhadra Singh, during his two terms as chief minister Dhumal tried his best to fix him and did not hesitate in fabricating false cases against him. In his first term he was implicated in the Sagar Katha case and framed him in the much publicised audio CD case during his recent term. However, unlike Dhumals, Virbhadra Singh did not make a hue and cry and faced trial and he was acquitted in both the cases, Agnihotri added.

He commented that the Dhumals were trying their best to create an air of uncertainty in the state just to distract the investigating agencies form the inquiries being conducted into the charges of corruption against the Dhumals and other BJP leaders. But such crude attempts would not help them and it was only a matter of time that their wrongdoings would be exposed as the government was committed to those who indulged in graft during BJP regime to the book.

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He said that the Cabinet was standing like a rock behind the Chief Minister and the BJP leaders should accept this ground reality and stop day-dreaming. They had nothing to fear as the government had already made it clear that there would be no witch hunting and cases would be registered only if there was sufficient evidence which could withstand judicial scrutiny in the court of law and no innocent persons would be victimized. Making false accusations against Virbhadra Singh would not take them anywhere.