Dharamshala: On December 25 Congress led state Govt celebrating its one year in office in the state, Opposition BJP has decided to submit a charge sheet against the government to the Governor Urmila Singh.

Prem Kumar Dhumal, former Chief Minister and leader of opposition, in a press conference at Dharamshala, announced it and also asked Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh to clarify his position on charges regarding unsecured loans taken by him and his family and purchase of shares of Tarni Infrastructure Limited.

Dhumal said that opposition had moved adjournment motion twice in the house, but speaker didn’t allow it. Dhumal said that the Chief Minister owed an explanation to the people as Tarni Infrastructure Limited was owned by Wakamulla Chandersekhar, from whom he and his family had raised loans.

Leader of Opposition said that buying shares of companies was a normal thing, but in this case, a power project awarded to one of the companies of Wakamulla, which was cancelled by the High Court, was restored even after the proposal was rejected by the Cabinet thrice, raises doubts.

Pratibha Singh, her daughter and son had together purchased 9.8 lakh shares in Tarni Infrastructure Limited. Dhumal said that as Virbhadra Singh had shown his wife and son as his dependants in the affidavit submitted during the nominations of Vidhan Sabha, but the information about the loans or shares were not figured in that. However, Pratibha Singh had mentioned the loans in the affidavit filed by her while contesting the bye-election to the Mandi parliamentary seat, but there was no mention of shares, Dhumal added. Dhumal said that on all these allegations, Chief Minister should clarify his position.

After assuming office, Congress led Govt had targeted former Chief Minister, his cabinet colleagues and parliamentarian son Anurag Thakur and ordered inquiries into many matters. Even second son of Dhumal, Arun Dhumal were also figured in the investigation. BJP had accused Congress led Govt for framing political opponents and even protested state-wide. Younger son of Dhumal had virtually opened a crusade against Virbhadra Singh and one after another he came out with documents against Singh and his family. In his series of press conferences in Shimla and other parts of the state, Arun Dhumal has questioned the need of unsecured loan from one Wakamulla Chandersekhar and raised doubts over the revised income tax return during his tenure as cabinet minister in UPA 2. Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, however, remained mum over issue, but categorically termed it as a part of petty politics.