Dharamshala: Arun Dhumal, who has lunched a crusade against Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, today again fired a fresh salvo at him and demanded his immediate resignation for the post.

Arun Dhumal, in a press conference at Dharamshala, claimed that Pratibha Singh (wife of CM and MP from Mandi), Aprajita Kumari (daughter of Chief Minister), Vikramaditya Singh (son of Chief Minister) and Amit Pal Singh (OSD to Chief Minister) hold substantial shares in Tarini Infrastructures Ltd, a company floated by Tarini, who is the daughter of Vakamulla Chandershekher, (Vakamulla is a person who had given loan to Chief Minister, his wife and son, claims Dhumal). Junior Dhumal also circulated supporting documents among the media personnel.

As per the documents circulated, Tarini owned 1, 54, 600 shares to her name, Pratibha Singh and Aprajita Kumari owned 3, 40, 000 shares each, Vikramaditya Singh has 3, 00, 000 shares to their names and surprisingly chief minister’s OSD Amit Pal Singh also has 10,000 shares to his name. Company had total 129 shareholders.

Arun Dhumal claimed that Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and his wife had withheld the information in their affidavit filled for assembly election and Mandi bye-poll. He asked CM and his parliamentarian wife to resign from their posts.

Dhumal also accused Chief Minister for favoring Vakamulla Chandershekher’s Venture Energy and Technologies Ltd (who also owns 16 companies, including companies registered in Switzerland and other countries) and recently on September 4, 2013, through a cabinet decision, Govt granted extension to 17MW hydel power project for 10 months.

However, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has refused to comment on Arun Dhumal’s allegations, but categorically termed it as a part of petty politics. Without naming anyone, CM said that fresh inquiry into HPCA had perturbed many and it’s an outcome of that.