In a shameful revelation, two rape incidents have been reported in Shimla city. A minor girl was raped by a classmate and accomplice at Vikas Nagar, Shimla, and in another incident, a minor girl was reported to be raped by a cab driver after abduction from the gate of the state hospital IGMC.

Police confirmed the crime and revealed that the 15-year-old school victim, who was missing from her house for past three days, was found in a semi-conscious state near her house in Vikas Nagar neighbourhood yesterday night. The girl has been hospitalised and police has arrested two rapist suspects, one is her classmate. One accused is reported minor and another is adult. Police said that the both suspects were known to the girl’s family. Mother of victim has accused for giving her intoxicating drugs and till now she is not in good position, mother added.

In the other incident, a 16-year-old girl, who came from a village near Shimla to meet a relative in the IGMC, was raped by a taxi driver who offered her a lift. The accused took the victim to a hotel where she was raped, police said. Victim’s mother said that girl was found in semi conscious stage and was found near hospital gate, where she was thrown by cab driver after committing crime.

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