Keeping in view the chances of spread of various diseases due to prolonged and early rainy season, the Horticulture department has provided sufficient quantities of pesticides to the orchardists on subsidized rates. The department has purchased 310.0 MT/KL of pesticides costing Rs. 1275.75 lakh and provided subsidy of Rs. 406.35 lakh to the orchardists for controlling various pests.

A Spokesperson of the department informed here today that orchardists have been advised to adopt all management practices and follow there commendations of the Spray Schedule 2013 for the control of pests and diseases of fruit crops.

He said that during rainy season, the orchard grass also overgrows in the plant basins which are also the source of infection for the diseases. Moreover, the continuous rains hinder the spraying in the orchards and some times, immediate rains after spraying the chemicals washes away the pesticides applied on the plants. The orchardists who have sprayed pesticides regularly well before and after the onset of monsoons as per the Spray Schedule 2013 and followed clean basin management practices, have not noticed any symptoms of these diseases in Apple orchards.

The farmers whose orchards are infested by various pests have been advised to contact the officers of the department and scientists of the Regional Horticulture Research Station/Sub-Stations and Krishi Vigyan Kendras to carry out any spray in their orchards.

He said that State Government had also implemented the Market Intervention Scheme-2013 from August, 2013 to 31 October, 2013 for the procurement of ‘C’ grade apple @ Rs. 6.50 per Kg so that the grower’s interest be safeguarded. During the current year, 270 numbers Apple Collection Centres are already functioning in the apple growing belts. At present, 21,967 MT of apples has been procured by these agencies till 20.09.2013.