Transport Minister GS Bali has justified the bus fare hike and said that it was necessary in view of the increased prices of diesel. He said that recent hike will not impact daily commuters as HRTC’s various schemes would shield them from it.

While talking to the press at Dhramshala, Bali said the green card scheme had been launched for people travelling daily between 40 and 60 km. The passengers taking green card from the HRTC would be entitled to 30 per cent discount in bus fare. The yellow card for passengers of poorer sections of society would be issued at same rate of Rs 50. Earlier, they were valid for just one year whereas in the new scheme, they would be valid for 5 years.

Bali said that Senior citizens would get a discount of 20 per cent on travel up to 40 km, whereas smart card holders, who frequently travel on HRTC buses, would get a discount of 10 per cent.