Hamirpur MP and BJYM national president Anurag Thakur has accused Congress for distorting Narender Modi’s remark ‘puppy-under-the-wheels‘ in context of the 2002 riots, and blamed that Congress was trying to create the impression that the Gujarat CM had compared Muslims to dogs. Thakur stated that the Congress was trying to mislead Muslim electorates to gain their support in the forthcoming parliamentary election.

Thakur cleared that Narendra Modi did not mean that and was just expressing his concern for even the smallest of living beings and reiterating that in our culture, there is validation in even worshipping animals.

Anurag Thakur believed that Congress was perturbed with the charisma of Modi and feared to lose General election and now trying to target Modi as their last ditch. Thakur said that Gujarat state has seen overall development under Modi and it’s important to note that no riots have taken place post the 2002 incident in Gujarat and it is a testimony to Modi’s inclusive and development-oriented politics. He also questioned PM Manmohan Singh’s integrity over the Assam riots. He questioned that does he (PM) apologized?

BJYM also support Modi remark, in which he said that ‘Congress hiding behind a veil of secularism’. Thakur said that when the Congress party does not have an answer, it hides in a veil and Narendra Modi has spoken the truth.

He also took a dig at the Congress on the food security ordinance and said that the country also knows that the Congress is rolling out the food security (scheme) only to win elections.