The Election Commission of India (ECI) had issued instructions regarding tours of Ministers during Mandi Parliamentary Constituency bye-election to ensure that the official machinery was in no way engaged in any election related work during such touring by the dignitaries.

Chief Electoral Officer Narinder Chauhan, while revealing it said that the Ministers of the State Government shall not undertake any official visit to any constituency for which elections had been announced upto end of the election process. He further said that the Ministers would not summon any election related officer of the constituency where elections had been announced, to a place or office or guest house inside or outside the constituency for any official discussions during the period of elections.

Chauhan clarified that the Ministers were entitled to use their official vehicles in their headquarters from their place of residence to their office for official work provided that such commuting was not combined with any electioneering or any political activity which would include a visit to party office even if it were enroute. He said that no pilot car with beacon lights of any colour or car affixed with sirens of any kind making his presence conspicuous shall be used by any Minister during his electioneering visits or private visit to the constituency where the bye-election was under way.

He said that Ministers shall not combine in any manner their official tours with election work after the announcement of the bye-elections. They shall return to their headquarters on completion of their official tours. He said that their visit to the Districts, where bye-election was being held, have to be completely private in nature and such private visits should begin and end at the Minister’s headquarters.