Leader of opposition and former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal has criticized the Virbhadra Singh led government for taking credit of 65% increase in the outlays of the 12th Five Year Plan. He said that the 12th Five Year Plan outlays were increased from Rs. 13,788 Crore to Rs. 22,800 crore before December, 2012 during his period. Dhumal, in his press communiqué, claimed that Virbhadra Singh has only read his speech in the planning Commission since the Govt. was changed.

Former Chief Minister said that the 11th Five Year Plan was finalized during the tenure of Virbhadra Singh Govt. The outlay of the 11th Five Year Plan was increased from 10,300 crore to 13,778 crore an increase of 33% only. The Congress Government could not spend even this outlay of 10th Five Year Plan, he alleged.

BJP leader said that the expenditure under the 10th Plan implemented by the Congress Government was Rs. 8494 Crore and there was a shortfall of Rs. 1806 Crore. He further elaborated that the meeting of the Chief Minister with the Deputy Chairman. Planning Commission, the most important action is to increase the Special Plan Assistance where Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister failed to protect even the size of Special Plan Assistance of Rs. 1400 Crore which was got by him in the annual plan 2012-13. In fact, the special Plan Assistance has reduced to Rs. 1350 crore 2013-14.

He said that during his tenure in the year 2010-11, it was increased from Rs. 500 crore to 782 crore which was further increased to 1000 crore in the year 2011- 12 due to effective presentation by him before the Dy. Chairman Planning Commission.

Reacting to the statement of the Chief Minister that during the rule of Congress Govt. here, the growth has been phenomenal; Prof. Dhumal said that the data will clear his this doubt also. During the period 2003-07, the average annual growth was 7.6% against national average of 7.8% whereas during BJP rule 2007-12, this has been 8.1% against national average of 7.9% which has been only 5.0 during last year. Thus, on all the occasions the growth of BJP Govt. in the state has been much better than Congress rule of State and much above the UPA Govt. at the Centre.

He appealed to the people of the State to be vigilant of the false propaganda of the Govt. and vote for Jai Ram Thakur to defeat the Congress Govt. in the State and UPA Govt in the Centre in the General Elections 2014