BJP national vice-president Balbir Punj has demanded the immediate resignation of Union Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal after the bribery scam in which his close relative was arrested. He said that BJP would use all means to take the matter to its logical conclusion.

Addressing press at Shimla, Punj said the CBI would not be in a position to carry out an impartial probe as long as Bansal was at the helm and said Bansal should resign to get his name cleared by facilitating an impartial probe

Punj said the scam revealing bribery in promotions had added a new dimension to corruption and alleged that the UPA government had the ingenuity to put corruption on the fast track as scams had been surfacing with unfailing regularity.

He claimed that the Congress was following double standard in dealing with cases of corruption involving ministers of its alliance partners and its own. He alleged that a minister of an alliance partner would have been shown the door without delay had he been in Bansal’s place.