During a debate in the assembly on a private member’s resolution demanding that the government find a lasting solution to the menace of monkeys and stray animals, BJP senior leader and Dehra Legislature Ravinder Ravi suggested to deploy the army’s Gurkha or Naga regiments in Himachal.

He said that monkey is a delicacy for Nagas and Gurkhas and if these regiments are posted in cantonments in Himachal from time to time, it will definitely have an impact on the population of monkeys. He said that in the past a regiment was posted in Holta near Palampur for three years and there was significant drop in the population of monkeys.

Ravi said that it’s time to find an out-of-the-box solution and as the HC has banned killing of monkeys that enter fields and destroy crops, therefore the state has been left with the option of sterilisation. He believes that if Gurkha and Naga regiments keep coming for at least three years, it’ll solve a number of problems and will help maintain ecological balance.