Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmouri claimed that Govindsagar Reservoir have set the highest record of per hectare fish production in the country during the year 2012-13. Forest Minister said that in this year 1212.73 metric tones fish were produced which amounts to 121.3 kilogram per hectare/ per annum despite the fact that during 2012-13, fishing season which was closed for two months earlier was extended by 15 days due to late arrival of monsoons and the production counted was only of nine and half months in the year. He said that during the year 2011-12 the fish production of this reservoir was 626.8 metric tones.

Bharmouri said that earlier, the production of 120 kilogram per hectare/per annum was recorded in this reservoir during the year 2002-03. He said that present achievement could be attributed to good reservoir management practices which include conservation measures and regular fish seed stocking in States reservoirs and initiation of various welfare schemes for fishermen by the department.