Bilaspur legislature Bambar Thakur has demanded for reducing cement prices for the residents of Bilaspur. He said that the most of cement manufactured ACC (Barmana), Ambuja (Dadlaghat) and JP cements (Bagha) units are located in Bilaspur region and prices of them are much more than the prevailing rates in other neighbouring states.

While talking to the press, Bambar Thakur said this was one of the important points of his election manifesto that gave him an unprecedented majority in the recent elections and he would not rest till these factories started charging reasonable price from people of the district and the state.

Local MLA said that these cement units were exploiting the state’s natural wealth at throwaway prices and enjoying all sorts of facilities and concessions from the government. He alleged that they were responsible for the bad health of lakhs of state residents due to dust and other sorts of pollution and also damage to the environment and beside this; residents of the state are getting cement bags on higher prices from its neighbor states.

Thakur said that the need of Himachal can be fulfilled from the outside and if cement bags comes with higher price tag for state then what is the use of having plants here. Thakur also lauded the decision of state Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh who had rejected the demand of BJP leader Rajeev Bindal for starting another cement plant in Sirmaur district.