On the occasion of National Safety Day Mukesh Agnihotri, Labour and Employment and Industries Minister appealed the managements and workers of all the industrial establishments and citizens should deliberate upon the safety precautions to be adopted in industrial establishment to ensure safe working conditions in the industrial establishments. National Safety Day is being held on 4th March, 2013.

Agnihotri said that the Day was being celebrated throughout the country to sensitize the people regarding industrial safety. He said that issues and actions related to safety were not limited to industrial establishments but has extended to our houses, offices, road traffic and in our day to day life. He said that main reason behind this was lack of awareness about safety issues and non-observance of safety legislations. He said that it was the duty of every citizen to spread awareness about safety issues and extend cooperation to Government agencies in compliance of the related legislations.

Agnihotri said that the Labour and Employment Department was ensuring that personal protective equipments were used by workers, machinery was tested regularly and all safety measures were observed by the managements in order to ensure safety of the workers. He said that Factory Act 1948 had been enacted for safety of workers employed in factories, which was being enforced by the Labour Department through regular inspections.

Industries Minister said that the State Government has made it mandatory to issue identity cards to the workers in the factories and so far 2,65,061 identity cards duly attested by Labour Officers have been issued to the workers.

Industries Minister said that every factory was being inspected prior to registration in order to ensure compliance regarding safety, health and welfare of the workers. He said that the Department was providing necessary advice to the occupiers of factories in order to comply with the safety provisions.

Agnihotri said that the Department of Labour and Employment in collaboration with Regional Labour Institute, Faridabad organized training programme at Baddi for managers and workers of small and medium scale industries in order to increase productivity by way of adopting measures related to occupational safety. He said that in order to sensitize the employers of industrial establishments about observance of safety measures, Safety Manual has been prepared by the Department, which was distributed amongst various industrial through industrial associations and field functionaries of the Department.