Chairperson, H.P. Red Cross Hospital Welfare Section, Sheela Dhumal said that annual Red Cross Fair would be celebrated on 9th June, 2012 at historic Ridge, Shimla. She was addressing a meeting of the Section.

Sheela Dhumal said that World Red Cross Day would be celebrated on 8th May at Shimla. She said that the Red Cross Fairs go a long way in generating the funds which are used for helping the poor and the needy. She urged the members to make vigorous efforts to generate funds in order to strengthen the Red Cross movement.

Chairperson welcomed the new members Dr. Meenu, Smt. Pratima Malhotra, Manju Garg and Vatsala Khera. Detailed discussions were held regarding making of adequate arrangements for celebration of both the events. Chandana Rai, Vice Chairperson of the H.P. Red Cross Hospital Welfare Section, Nirta Acre, Secretary and Members of the H.P. State Red Cross Hospital Welfare Section and officers of various departments attended the meeting.