In the Public Works Department (PWD) review meeting, Chief Minister, Virbhadra Singh, has expressed his deep concern over an un-authorized construction near all the roads in the State, especially on the 4 kilometer long Sanjauli Dhalli Bye-pass. He has directed the officers to take necessary action in this regard, immediately.

Numerous unauthorized constructions have come up after the completion of Sanjauli Bye-pass. Despite several complaints to the concerned authority, no strong action has been taken so far. However, now, it seems that the PWD department will be looking into the matter and will take necessary action against violators.

A 4 kilometer Sanjauli-Dhalli by pass road was constructed at a cost of Rs 15.80 crores with the sole purpose to reduce the congestion in Sanjauli Township. But, because of unauthorized constructions and encroachments, traffic jams have become a regular feature on this road, as well. This 4 kilometer long Sanjauli-Dhalli by pass road was opened for vehicular activities on October 17, 2008, and in these last four years the condition of this road has deteriorated to a level where one sees a lot of potholes. During the rainy season this road becomes a sight of disgust and when the weather is clear the presence of a lot of dust makes it difficult to open even to roll down windows of one’s vehicle. Apart from taking action against the constructions and encroachment on this road, PWD will have to initiate its repair work at the same time.