The Minister for Industry, Labour, Employment, Public Relations and Parliamentary Affairs, Mukesh Agnihotri reaches Una, where congress workers gathered in a large number to welcome him. It was his first visit to his hometown after becoming cabinet minister in Virbhadra Singh Govt.

While interacting with mediapersons, Agnihotri stated that he would strive to make industrial revolution in Una district. He said that he will work to bring Una district on the national map in terms of industrial development.

Over the development of industries in state, minister said the availability of land was a major problem and long list of formalities shirking big industrialists to set up big units in state. Minister assured that the state Govt would develop land banks to check this issue where the formalities for providing land to industrial units could be reduced.

He said lack of railway network in Himachal was also a major hurdle in the development of industry in the state. He assured that the state would lobby for the creation of an additional railway network in the state and will urge the Union Minister for Railways to start commercial railway operations in Una district to help the industry.

Like others he also stressed for giving almost 70 percent job share to Himachal Pradesh native.