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Virbahdra Singh

After getting nod from party high command to head the state, the first announcement Virbhadra Singh made to revive the state Administrative Tribunal. He announces to review the decision of previous Govt to close down schools and the repair of roads, besides probe into land deals and charges of corruption.

While addressing media persons Virbhadra Singh said that he would wage a war against corruption and make the government machinery functional to improve governance and help restore the confidence of people in the government. All the permissions granted under Section 118, Land Reforms and Tenancy Act, would come under the Vigilance scanner and the cases of Bamloe Builders and sale of Bantony would also be under focus.

Singh made clear that all the allegations figuring in the Congress charge sheet submitted to the President of India would be investigated, but there would be no “witch hunting”. He said that cases would be pursued only if there was sufficient evidence which could stand judicial scrutiny and his government would not indulge in political vendetta. Special Investigation Teams would be set up to investigate major corruption cases, including the Benami land deals.

Virbhadra Singh said that Congress will review the decision of previous Govt of closing down about 700 primary schools and scrapping of the state Administrative Tribunal.

Virbhadra Singh also revealed little bit about the ministerial berth and said that all sections of the society would be included in the ministry which would have Cabinet ministers, Ministers of State and Chief Parliamentary Secretaries.