Raising the election fever in the poll-bound Himachal Pradesh, UPA chairperson and Congress president Sonia Gandhi slammed the BJP government for the slow pace of development in the state.

In her address at Shimla, Congress President Sonia Gandhi stated that the BJP are not concerned about farmers – and alleged that they are just bothered with only their politics. She claimed that the Congress and UPA have fought against corruption, and the people against whom Govt and investigating authority had evidence took action. She dared the BJP to follow the Congress and take action against their leaders who are mired in corruption charges.

Gandhi stated that UPA Govt have pushed for the RTI, and claimed to passed the Lokpal in the Lok Sabha and blame BJP for stalling it in the Rajya Sabha. She added that BJP is trying to play with the common people and only concerned with their politics and it’s only pretending to fight against corruption, however they are against the Congress not anything else.

AICC president also included FDI in her address and claimed that it will be beneficial for farmers, apple growers of the state. She stated that the farmers will not get exploited and consumers will also get products at cheaper rates.

She blamed the Opposition for spreading rumours on FDI. She added that no state is forced to accept FDI in retail; however they are making it poll agenda and misleading common people.

She also blamed BJP led state government for the slow pace of development in the state. She stated that only congress can give uneven and speedy development in the state. Gandhi said that the Congress is the only party, that doesn’t make false promises. She also beware electors that this is election season – parties will make promises to you – but I trust the people of Himachal will not be swayed by false promises.