BJP General Secretary J P Nadda, in a press conference at Shimla, accused Congress of making false promises in its election manifesto for November 4 poll. He said that the voters would not be befooled by such gimmicks.

Reacting to the Congress party’s manifesto, Nadda leveled serious allegations against Congress and alleged that Congress leaders have habit of making tall and false promises as there is no sanctity of polls manifesto in its eyes.

Nadda said the Congress had promised jobs in its manifesto in 2003 as well but backed out after coming to power. He alleged that instead Congress went on to sign a memorandum with the Union government, giving an undertaking that no new jobs would be created and the posts lying vacant for three years would be abolished.

He said even in 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress promised to provide over one crore jobs in the country. However after coming into power equal numbers of people have lost their jobs due to poor economy, industrial recession and scams in the core sectors especially telecom and coal.