BJP state president Satpal Satti is confident to win the 2012 Himachal Assembly Election with a comfortable majority. He said that after Assembly elections, BJP will form the government at the centre.

Satti stated the Congress party is anti poor and UPA Govt, which is led by Congress party, is most corrupt central government in the history of Indian politics. He said that BJP workers are working hard to show Congress real face to the common people.

He also blamed UPA Govt for being partial against Himachal Pradesh and added that despite all odds the BJP led Himachal govt. has broken all records of performance by taking 71 prestigious awards for good and visionary governance in various sectors like health, education, tourism etc.

He blamed Congress led UPA Government for record scams like steel scams worth thousands of crores, Commonwealth Game scam worth 72000 crores, coal scam worth 186000 crores and many other. Satti further stated the extremely corrupt Congress led UPA Government is trying to tarnish the image of BJP leaders by leveling false and useless corruption allegations on its leaders.

BJP state president said that the prices of essential commodities are rising as fast as declared and undeclared assets of Congress Pariwar. Both these trends are emanating from the same source i.e. these scams worth lakhs of crores.

Satti lambasted at the central government for increasing the prices of petroleum products specially cooking gas and diesel. He stated that by increasing the prices of petroleum products, Congress has delivered a 440 V corruption shock in every house hold of India. They have managed to communicate the ill effects of corruption to every citizen of India.

BJP leader is expecting the Lok Sabha elections within 6 months and declared to quash the quota of gas cylinder. Satti commented that every political party tries to pass on the benefits to its vote bank. The supporters of BJP are poor and common men, whereas the supporters of Congress are the affluent class including the Distributors of cooking gas and Petrol Pump owners. Satti accused the Central Government of burdening a common man for the benefit of these dealers. He said that in the Vidhan Sabha Elections, electorates of Himachal Pradesh would give the corrupt Congress a benefiting reply by reducing their representation in state assembly to a single digit.