Bahra University

Himachal BJP spokesman Ganesh Dutt has joined a debate with Congress party which is charging the main opposition BJP with subverting democracy by stalling the proceeding of the parliament on the Coalgate issue. In a press communiqué Ganesh Dutt raised a question that does democracy give the ruling party the privilege to indulge in corruption and loot of the nation’s resources and the opposition the duty to pat the government for this ‘great feat’ of the government?

He blamed the Congress with using democracy as a conduit to indulge in corruption and protect the corrupt. Ganesh Dutt has asked that if PM has not done anything wrong, why is he afraid of ordering a high level impartial enquiry into the Coalgate scam. This will only put a stamp of approval on Dr. Manmohan Singh’s honesty if he has not done anything wrong.

Congress in its defense claimed that Govt haven’t charged anything from these blocs and therefore BJP state leader Ganesh Dutt asked them to come clean over it and said that if no money has charged in allotment of coal blocs, why is the Congress reluctant to cancel the allotments to those parties which have not extracted coal so far. He added that the inaction of the Govt has resulted in huge revenue loss to the nation besides perpetuating the shortage of coal and power crisis in the country.

Ganesh Dutt alleged that instead of apologizing and ashamed at innumerable scams, Congress seems to be feeling proud of this achievement. Dutt said that present Congress under Sonia Gandhi is a most corrupt Govt and now time has come to throw it out from the power.