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Annandale ground issue has again cropped up as Senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar has advised Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal to withdraw all cases pending in different courts between the Army and the state Govt pertaining to the dispute over the possession of the ground.

In a letter written to the Chief Minister, Shanta Kumar raised a concern over the issue and said that it was unfortunate that the state Govt and the Army were fighting over the possession of the Annandale ground. Though the lease of Annandale ground had expired in 1982, it did not mean that the Army and the government should drag this petty issue to the court of law.

Shanta Kumar said the state should have a broader view by not making it a prestige issue. It was well understood that the ground was needed by the Army for landing of its helicopters at Shimla, which was more important than the cricket stadium. He said fighting on this issue in the court of law by the state government would definitely demoralise the moral of security forces.

Shanta Kumar added that the Army’s requested to the court to transfer the cases to the Supreme Court can further complicate the issue and it will be unfortunate if it does not settle here. Army’s request to transfer the case is clear message of lack of faith in state Govt and that is not good for the state and moral of Indian army. Shanta Kumar added that cricket is an important game, but it should not be considered over the security of the nation. He advised to go for alternative site other than this ground for cricket.


15 august 2021