GS Bali’s Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra reached Chamba town and subsequently ended. While addressing public and youth in Chamba, Bali raised questions over the style of working of Chief Minister and his inaccessibility to the public of Chamba. He further attacked Chief Minister and asked him to tell the people of Chamba how many times he visited the town in the past two years.

GS Bali said

Is this a democratic style of functioning of the Chief Minister? The Chief Minister is like a father figure in the state who should take care of all districts without any partiality. Why is it that the people of Chamba have been deprived of their right to meet the Chief Minister. The people of Chamba will throw out the BJP government in the coming Vidhan Sabha elections

This was the first phase of GS Bali’s much touted Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra, he declared it successful and said that he got necessary data with him about the real situation of unemployment in these areas and assured with the necessary steps to curve it.

Bahra University