A day after Virbhadra Singh resigned from the Union Cabinet; the State BJP has launched a blistering attack on him, and advised him to prove his innocence in court instead of blaming political rivals within Congress and in BJP.

Satyapal Jain, convenor of the BJP’s All India Legal Cell in a statement said that

Virbhadra’s statements since he was forced to resign, amount to contempt of court. Neither has the BJP framed him in the corruption case nor has the state government fabricated any charges. It’s a special anti-corruption judge, who has framed the graft charges against both, the former chief minister and his wife Pratibha Singh

Satyapal Jain, who was also the state government’s counsel in the High Court, added that if Virbhadra was absolved of the charges, he was welcome to take any political course against the BJP. He accused him of unnecessarily trying to project himself as political martyr when, a court has found a prima facie case to start trial proceedings against him. Jain said that proofs and facts cleared that it was a case of corruption and bribery against a sitting chief minister. The audio-CD was released by a Congress MLA and a former minister in Virbhadra’s cabinet. Virbhadra had himself got the case referred to the vigilance from the High Court.

He advised Congress senior leader Virbhadra Singh to respect the judiciary. He ridiculed Singh’s activities and said that by issuing threats to investigating police officers or parading loyal MLAs and MPs, he can’t claim to be a innocent in this case.