Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Regulatory Commission imposes Rs 1-cr penalty on Private University

regulatory commission

The state Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission has imposed a penalty of Rs 1 crore on Manav Bharti University, Solan, for irregularities in admissions and flouting the norms regarding faculty, laboratories, libraries, equipment and other infrastructure.

The commission imposed the maximum penalty on Manav Bharti University keeping in view the scale and gravity of the irregularities. It is learned that the university had admitted students to 22 courses and there were deficiencies in almost all programmes. University also violated the admission norms.

Commission also found that the university lacked the requisite infrastructure like laboratories, equipment, adequate library and other facilities. There were huge deficiencies in the teaching staffs, which were short of the prescribed norms.

The commission had taken suo motu notice of the deficiencies and constituted an expert committee for carrying out inspection to pinpoint the shortcomings last year. A notice was issued to the university on the basis to the inspection report. The university admitted to some of the irregularities and deficiencies and promised to remove these. The commission also took note of the steps taken by the university after the notice was issued to it.

It is a first of its kind action taken by the state Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission.

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7 thoughts on “Regulatory Commission imposes Rs 1-cr penalty on Private University

  1. nk

    the university shoud be scrapped because they r just selling the degrees
    through admission centres

  2. sk

    manav bharti university has such equipments in its labs which no universities in himachal pardesh have

  3. nk

    then why they r selling degrees without taking exams
    lot of admission centres in india

  4. sk

    sir or mam if u hv any problem regarding the university then u should talk to director or the chairman of mbu ,why to u are saying all this wrong here come forward say ur words,there no admisson centres no selling degrees it is well known that some persons have problems regarding the university why are u nt targeting other private institutions are all of them( milk bathed)

  5. sk

    sir or mam why not u gave the full statement of the court when hearng about the fine was held,give that also the court has dismissed the fine after hearng,why u are always speakng negative,what about the seminars ,confrences,workshops which ths university see sombody rise is very difficult nd to see someone fall is easy ,people takes digs at whom which faces difficulties nd want to read such kind of news alwys nly to say shame ! shame! shame!

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