Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP), which is barely a couple of months old, is planning to make a roadway for its organizational set-up and is thus preparing a Vision Document for the coming fifteen years. Party senior leaders are saying that the Vision Document will have a place for all sections of the society and there will be transparency in its functioning.

Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP) is a party formed as a result of an internal rift in the BJP, wherein some prominent leaders of the BJP have split to form a party, alleging disrespect from other party leaders. Though, the present BJP leaders have tried to woo them back, but these members don’t wish to be a part of the Government, and have thus, very robustly gone ahead to form their own party, in HLP. These members of the HPL are now showing all possible disrespect to the BJP and are busy exposing BJP misdeeds in the State in its last four years of their governance in the State.

For now the face of HLP seems clean, wherein the party is taking on corruption, and is also trying to involve the public to decide a roadmap for the party. With its Vision Document, the HLP is urging the public to come forth and be the part of development of the State. Herein the party is demanding people to pool in their suggestions, proposals and practical ideas which could help party grow and be more focused to address common man’s issues.

Vision Document looks like an impactful step by the newly formed political outfit, which claims to contest for all 68 assembly seats in the State with the objective to provide all its workers their deserve and will posts within the party on merit basis. HLP in its very short tenure has become a problem for the BJP, which (courtesy HLP’s expose) could suffer in the assembly election. But that’s far stretched, only time will show the real face of either party.

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