All the members belonging to various religious institutions of Chamba district have decided to refrain from animal sacrifice on the premises of shrines. This decision to prohibit animal sacrifice in holy places came up in a district-level meeting on safety and security of famous historic religious institutions held under the chairperson of the Superintendent of Police, Chamba, Kuldeep Sharma at the district police headquarters.

After the meeting, the members agreed to ban animal sacrifice by way of bringing resolutions in their religious institutions or by taking other measures as would be deemed suitable to curb such old gruesome customs based on superstitions.

The SP said as many as 150 priests of religious institutions, which included temples, gurdwaras, churches and mosque, hailing from the length and breadth of Chamba district, attended the meeting. The SP also briefed the members about the safety and security measures to be taken in places of worship such as installation of CCTV cameras and registration of religion institutions.