Chief Electoral Officer Narinder Chauhan informed that as per the directions of Election Commission of India the Special Summary Revision of Photo electoral rolls with 1st January, 2012 as qualifying date, would be carried out from 15th December, 2011 to 20th January, 2012 for 50- Arki, 51-Nalagarh and 52-Doon assembly constituencies of Solan district and 57-Shri Renukajee and 59- Shillai assembly segments of Sirmaur district of the State.

He said that the draft of photo electoral rolls would be available with concerned Electoral Registration Officers (ADM/SDMs) and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars) and each polling stations for these constituencies from 15th December, 2011 where they can inspect the same and claims and objections, if any could be filed between 15th to 29th December, 2011. He informed that these electoral rolls would be verified in the special Gram Sabha and Local Bodies meetings to be conducted on 18th December, 2011.

He further added that to facilitate the electors, special campaign would be launched at each polling station on 25th December, 2011 and added that claims and objections would be decided between 30th December, 2011 and 5th January, 2012. Photo electoral rolls would be published finally by 20th January, 2012. He said that electors can also verify their names in electoral rolls on the commission’s website. He appealed to all the citizens, political bodies, Mahila and Yuvak Mandals to assist in registering the names of eligible persons in the electoral rolls and deleting those who were ineligible for the same.